Welcome to join Lightweight Casting Seminar - GF Customer Open Day 2017 GF诚邀您参加铸件轻量化研讨会 —— 2017年GF客户开放日

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日期: 2017-5-17 - 2017-5-19

城市: Hyatt Regency Suzhou


Within the recent years GFAU China has flawlessly proven to play a most energetic part causing the rapid development of the Chinese automotive industry. As we are very grateful for your support in these years we warmly welcome you to join our


Lightweight Casting Seminar - GF Customer Open Day 2017

Therefor to continuously strengthen the already successfully gained leading market position and to additionally steadily improve GF expertise many changes in both plants Suzhou and Kunshan have been realized:

•      GF Automotive R&D Asia

•      Modern Manufacturing process of Lightweight Casting

•      Local Validation capability & experience

We are looking forward to meet you in Suzhou!

Event Venue:

Hyatt Regency Suzhou

Accommodation Options:

Hyatt Regency Suzhou (88 Huachi Street, Suzhou Industrial Park)

Genway International Hotel Suzhou (36 Sian Street, Suzhou Industrial Park)

Please contact us:

Telephone: +86 (512) 6283 6333 8031 / +86 (512) 6283 6333 8070

E-mail: marketing-china.au@georgfischer.com

Wechat: Please search “GF_Automotive”

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