Work safety first

GF Automotive counts on Zero Risk

In the last years the number of accidents at GF decreased. A big part in this development played the work safety initiative “Zero Risk” of GF Automotive. Currently, this multi-stage program runs in a second phase


Especially for industrial companies like GF Automotive, work safety is of top priority: Hot metal is running in the casting, extremely heavy machines and robots are executing their work. Therefore, highest safety standards are applying in those areas. To prevent accidents in the everyday work there has to be done more than including modern technology and implementing clear rules: It needs a strong awareness of risks at the working place. That is where the initiative “Zero Risk” instructs since end of 2015: Used are videos, posters and on each site individual planed campaign days. 

The success has been quite remarkable: 2016, in the first phase of the multi-stage program, GF Automotive was able to reduce the number of accidents by 20%. In the first half year of 2017 the numbers, compared to the year before, decreased in Europe by 37% and in China by 22%.

The Zero Risk Vision of zero accident and the call to reduce risks at work is going along with the sustainability goals 2020 of the concern. By the end of 2020 the number of serious accidents at the working place should be zero and the rate of accidents in all divisions should be decrease by at least 20%. A main milestone on this path was the certification of Working Protection Management System OHSAS 18001 on all production sites two years ago. Thus, GF as a whole is on the way to a zero-risk culture.