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Our Environmental Protection: Recycling of Consumables and Waste Heat

In all GF Automotive foundries, we place great emphasis on sustainable processes. By recycling production waste, we create win-win situations for people, the economy, and the environment. We also use inventiveness and financial resources for these innovations.

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Waste Heat to Neighboring Plant Instead of into the Air

Our foundry in Singen, southern Germany, produces a lot of waste heat. The plant itself can reuse some of this energy, but more than 55,000 MWh of gas are left over each year. GF Automotive and the neighboring MAGGI plant thus created a cooperation for climate protection. Now, the excess heat heats up a thermal oil, which creates steam in the MAGGI plant, which is used in the production of MAGGI ravioli and MAGGI seasoning. A complex system of two heat exchangers, a hot oil pipe, and a conventional steam boiler made this possible.

Previously, MAGGI heated its steam for production using natural gas, which is much more expensive. Today, the annual CO2 emissions of the plant have fallen by up to 11,000 tons due to their "waste heat cooperation" with us. This quantity is roughly equivalent to the CO2 emissions of all cars in Singen. With this neighborhood project, GF Automotive once again followed its strategy of shared value creation, which combines economic and ecological interests. The project was awarded the Baden-Württemberg Environmental Award in 2010.

Conclusion: every year 11,000 fewer tons of CO2 emissions.