GF and Swissloop: Together to the Future of Mobility

SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition

Swissloop Pod Version 3 Rendering

What would you say, if could travel from Geneva to Zurich or from Leeds to Cambridge in 15 minutes? If you could go 250 kilometres (ca 155 Miles) in 900 seconds, without the need to go on a plane? You would spend the entire distance inside a transport capsule, which would slide through a vacuum pipe. This is the Hyperloop-concept. Sounds like the mobility of the future? We think so, too!

And as main sponsor of Swissloop we bring this mobility of the future into the present! The Swissloop-Team includes 40 physics, mathematics, electrical-, mechanical- and civil engineering students, which are all working at ETH Zurich. Together, they design and build a transport capsule, a so called “pod”, for the Hyperloop.

From Zurich to Geneva in 900 Seconds

Von Zürich nach Genf in 900 Sekunden

250 kilometers in 15 minutes with 270 meters per second

In August 2017 the team and their pod will travel to California, USA. There, SpaceX is organizing the Hyperloop Pod Competition II. Student teams from all over the world will participate in the competition. The goal: to reach the highest speed on the 1,25 km (ca 0,78 mi) long test track. With this competition, Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla and SpaceX, wants to drive his Hyperloop-concept forward.

Swiss quality, design and engineering

GF Automotive is not only the main sponsor of Swissloop, but also contributes a lightweight-part for the pod. The component is made of aluminum and will be used in the chassis of the pod. There it will be responsible for the lateral wheel guidance and though for the stability of the pod.


Augmented Reality

Von Zürich nach Genf in 900 Sekunden

1. Download App  -  2. Scan Pattern  -  3. Experience Pod 

In our showroom you will find a model of the Swissloop Pod. However, it requires a smartphone. By downloading the Augmented Reality App "Swissloop AR" from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, and directing the smartphone camera to the illustrated pattern while the app is running, you experience a virtual version of the vehicle.

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