Werdohl is situated on the banks of the Verse and Lenne rivers in the Märkischer Sauerland region, and was founded around 900 years ago. Today, it has a population of 22,000. It is situated along the two river courses in a deep valley and from there has extended from 162 to 400 meters above sea level.

Large portions of the former city center were lost in a great fire in 1822. However, the small town with buildings built thereafter offers a cultivated appearance. Since 1861, when the first steam train of the Ruhr-Sieg Line puffed along the banks of the Lenne, it has developed into an industrial location, primarily for metal processing.

However, the narrow confines of the river valley quickly imposed limits to economic expansion. As a consequence many firms are directly adjacent to the city. This is also the case of the Berg & Becker foundry, which was founded in 1853 and acquired by Georg Fischer in 1999.


  • Foundation: 1853 Foundry Berg & Becker
  • Acquisition: 1999 by Georg Fischer
  • Employees: 350
  • Production capacity: 25,000 tonnes/year


All standardized aluminium alloys


  • ISO 14001
  • ISO TS 16949
  • BS OHSAS 18001

Quality Assurance

  • Spectral analysis
  • Coordinate measuring instruments
  • X-ray testing devices and equipment for tightness testing and customer-defined tests

Production Program

Raw and ready-to-use aluminum pressure die cast components for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. These include engine blocks and intermediate housings, as well as gearbox and clutch cases.

Special Features

  • In-house model construction
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM)
  • CNC machining


Georg Fischer GmbH
Schlesinger Straße 1
58791 Werdohl

info dot wd dot au #at# georgfischer dot com

Frank Klooss
Managing Director
Georg Fischer GmbH